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* Organization of Hall-D preparations for Review
* Organization of Hall-D preparations for Review
** [https://halldweb1.jlab.org/talks/2012-1Q/manpower_survey.pdf Software Manpower within collaboration] (Mark)
** [https://halldweb.jlab.org/talks/2012-1Q/manpower_survey.pdf Software Manpower within collaboration] (Mark)
** [[2012 Offline Computing Schedule]] (David)
** [[2012 Offline Computing Schedule]] (David)
** Software Milestones/Challenges
** Software Milestones/Challenges

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Attendees: David L., Mark I., Curtis M., Eugene C.

Status of Review Organization

No direct word from the main organizers of the review as Chip and Roy have been unavailable this week. Curtis is scheduling Bob McKeown to be at the first part of the collaboration meeting so that we may ask him some questions.

Software Manpower within Collaboration

Mark has received feedback from a majority of collaborating institutions and placed them in a spreadsheet. He has a breakdown of the manpower estimates for 2012, 2013, and 2014. The integrated manpower is 24.6 FTE-years which includes graduate students and research staff with equal weighting. It was suggested that the type of labor be included in the spreadsheet so we have separate numbers for graduate students, post docs, etc. Mark will work on this and will also place it in a place accessible by the rest of us (svn repository?)

Offline Computing Schedule

David has put together a spreadsheet with the activity schedule for offline software based on the most recent BIA schedule. Based on suggestions from last week, progress indicators were added and a couple of different versions of the rough diagram were generated to try and illustrate the information better. There was some discussion on the accuracy of the estimates for the remaining manpower. It was suggested that estimates of the amount of work already completed be used to try and form better estimates of the work that still remains. David will work on that for next week.

Action Items

  1. Contact Mike Williams about giving a talk about LHC analysis software (Curtis)
  2. Follow up with final collaborators who haven't responded to manpower request (Mark)
  3. Create pie chart of offline activities (David)
  4. Get better estimates for remaining work (David)
  5. Identify a speaker to give us a talk on pre-Analysis software at the LHC (David)
  6. Form list of milestones for major software components (continued from last week) (Mark and David)