2012 Software Review Planning Meeting: Jan. 20, 2012

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Main Hall-D Software Review Page


  • Status of Review Organization (JLab organizers)
    • Dates (June 7,8 most likely tentative until reviewers identified)
    • Scope
      • Extent online is included?
      • Goal for software working (2014? 2015?)
  • Organization of Hall-D preparations for Review
    • dedicated meetings?, e-mail?, integrated into offline?


Attendees: Eugene C., Mark I, Matt S., Curtis M., David L.

Eugene reported briefly on the organizational meeting he attended on Wed. Jan 18. He had summarized this in an e-mail he sent to HallD-Offline mailing list that same day. The short summary is that we will need to have:

  • Estimates of manpower for various software jobs that still need to be done
  • Committed manpower for these tasks including any MOUs or letters of commitment by various groups within the collaboration.

The list of jobs should also contain software components that have already been written with a checkbox to indicate that they are complete.

The reviewers have not yet been identified and so the exact depth of the review is not yet known. They may be interested in:

  • Calibration/Alignment (probable)
  • Collaborative Efforts between halls (possible)

It was noted that we have a software MOU with Moscow and that the MOU with Indiana mentions software. MOU's are time-consuming to complete so it was suggested and generally agreed that rather than pursue additional MOUs, we should request simple letters from the heads of groups indicating their (non-binding) commitment to specific software projects.

Mark noted that Hall-B has a "commissioning" committee responsible for forming the plan for CLAS12 commissioning. This includes making sure all of the software needed is accounted for and on track to being in place on time. It was agreed that this was a good idea and something similar should be organized for Hall-D.

Action Items

  1. Form list of estimated manpower for each group (senior, post-doc, student) over next few years that will be dedicated to software development (Mark)
  2. Form rough draft of major software blocks needed for Hall-D analysis including manpower estimates and circulate (last BIA schedule is starting point) (David)
  3. Form list of milestones for major software components (Mark's talk at last review used as input) (Mark and David)