2012 Software Review Planning Meeting: Jan. 27, 2012

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Attendees: David L., Mark I., Curtis M., Eugene C. (last half)

We discussed briefly the brainstorming session Rolf organized with all 4 halls on Wed. 1/25/2012. The meeting focused on where we might avoid duplication of effort in software development. Follow-up meetings are to be scheduled where the relevant halls can get together to discuss details on either sharing software, or concisely explaining why it's not appropriate to.

Curtis had some concern that this effort did not include the User community in the conversations. He was going to e-mail Rolf to ask that he and possibly Matt be included in the e-mails so that they can be kept in the loop.

Curtis had also noticed that a slide Sandy presented to the IT steering committee indicated the online will be reviewed as well. This had not been stated so clearly before. Mark will contact Sandy to find out about this statement and if there has been any more clarification on this issue.

Mark reported hearing back from 3-4 groups on manpower expected to be dedicated to software development over the next couple of years. He will continue to beat the bushes next week. After that, he'll ask Curtis to nudge any non-conformists.

Curtis plans to invite Bob McKeown to the upcoming collaboration meeting. We'll have a talk on Software Review preparations near the beginning of the meeting so any questions that come up may be referred to Bob.

David briefly showed the [[2012 Offline Computing Schedule|wiki page with the offline computing schedule]]. This included a diagram that gave the major software categories for GlueX. It was suggested that some type of indication be made on the chart of our current progress on each of these. David will add that.

It was also suggested that names of responsible persons be added to the software activities list David showed. Mark suggested looking at the Software Task List for guidance.

Eugene suggested we try and invite someone familiar with LHC computing to come give a seminar on how the LHC experiments handle major software components. They should try and point us to some documentation first so that we can ask specific questions. David suggested Chris Jones from Fermi Lab. Curtis suggested Mike Williams from MIT might be good from the analysis standpoint. Curtis will contact Mike to see if he is going to be in the states anytime this spring and would be willing to come to JLab and give a talk. David will try and identify an appropriate person familiar with the pre-Analysis stage software so we can try and invite them.

We briefly discussed the schedule regarding milestones and data challenges. Not much was done regarding this and more work is needed here.

Action Items

  1. e-mail Rolf to request some User inclusion in the ongoing software sharing discussions (Curtis)
  2. Contact Sandy to ask about online inclusion in review. (Mark)
  3. Re-contact collaborators who haven't responded to manpower request (Mark)
  4. Invite Bob McKeown to collaboration meeting (Curtis)
  5. Add progress indicators to rough diagram of GlueX Software (David)
  6. Add "responsible person" column to offline computing activity list (David)
  7. Contact Mike Williams about giving a talk about LHC analysis software (Curtis)
  8. Identify a speaker to give us a talk on pre-Analysis software at the LHC (David)
  9. Form list of milestones for major software components (continued from last week) (Mark and David)