2017 mcsmear Workplan

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Timeline Goals

Simulation Tuning

  • August 9/16 -- Review of status during Analysis meetings (10-15 minute talks for each subsystem)
  • Sept. 1 -- Smearing updates frozen, testing begins
  • Sept. 15 -- Ready for simulation campaign

Job Submission

  • August 1 -- Richard successfully runs jobs on most OSG nodes
  • Sept. 1 -- Mark I. completes knowledge transfer from Richard, submits jobs in production framework
  • Sept 15 -- Ready for simulation campaign

Work Projects

  • red - Project assigned but not begun
  • yellow - In progress
  • green - Finished


Project Person Status Presentations
Match pi0/eta mass resolutions (shower energy resolutions) Dalton BCAL NIM
Match shower timing resolutions Dalton
Match hit efficiencies / bad channels Elton Log Entry 3478587, Matching Data/MC Log Entry 3478940
Match shower efficiencies


Project Person Status Presentations
Match CDC hit timing [CDC/cdc_drift_table and CDC/cdc_drift_parms] Naomi J. June, 28
Match CDC hit integrals [update gain calculation?] Naomi J. June, 28
Update CDC longitudinal drift (smearing) calculation Simon/Naomi J.
Update CDC hit thresholds Naomi J.
Update FDC hit thresholds Lubomir
Update CDC dead channels Naomi J.
Update FDC dead channels Alex A.
Update track efficiencies Paul M., Simon
Update track resolutions Simon
Fix mcsmear plane swap Sean


Project Person Status Presentations
Update geometry Adesh/Simon
Update bad channels Jared Foote
Update non-linearity correction Jon Zarling
Update time walk correction Joe Mirabelli
Match shower energy resolutions Jon Zarling
Match shower efficiencies Jon Zarling
Match shower timing resolutions Joe Mirabelli
Add support for light guide interactions


Project Person Status Presentations
Match hit timing resolutions Mahmoud
Match hit efficiencies Mahmoud


Project Person Status Presentations
Update propagation time corrections Beni
Match hit timing resolutions Beni
Parameterize point resolutions Beni
Match hit efficiencies Beni TOF_point_efficiency_data_vs_MC


Project Person Status Presentations
Match kinematic fit CL Dalton, Simon, Paul M.
Match PID resolutions


Project Person Status Presentations
Deploy GlueX software on OSG and successfully run simulation jobs Richard J./Sean D.
Modify simulation workflow software to work on OSG Mark I.