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Event generators (should be in the PrimEx analysis directory)

1. Signal Primakoff

2. Coherent / incoherent background

3. Hardonic background (generate MC samples of contributing decays)

4. Compton with rad corrections

  • Currently have simple 'Klein Nishina' generator with 1/E energy-dependent spectrum
  • Need to implement realistic shape of photon spectrum (efficiency)

5. Double Compton Generator (Pavel)

6. Need to generate MC samples according to realistic run conditions (samples for each run)


(need to finalize calibrations before we start reprocessing PrimEx data)

1. Timing calibration for FCAL, CCAL (ST, TOF, BCAL, tagging detectors)

2. Recalibrate CCAL (non-linearity corrections) -- Drew

  • Adjust tagger energy scale -- Sasha

3. FCAL calibration

  • Do we use official GlueX cluster reconstruction or an Island algorithm ?
  • How many calibration versions (run periods) we need ? Check with LED data (Chandra)

4. FCAL dead/suspicious channels in the CCDB (Chandra)

  • exclude channels from MC and reconstruction

MC simulation (GEANT)

1. Adjust position of the CCAL according to the survey data

2. Adjust position of the FCAL according to the survey data

3. CCAL Reconstruction

  • Fine tune energy resolution
  • Adjust parameters of the Island algorithm (Drew)

4. Update energies of the tagger hodoscope and microscope

wrong CCDB tables are used

5. Correct photon beam energy in both MC and reconstruction

6. Efficiency and resolution studies

  • compare MC with data using some reference channels
  • FCAL angular resolution
  • superimpose electromagnetic background in MC

Preparation for data processing

Skims and monitoring plots

1. Di-photon skim

2. Trees for FCAL masks (Chandra)

3. Trees for luminosity (Sasha)

4. CCAL / FCAL stability (?) (Drew, Chandra, Tim)

5. What info we need to add to the REST format (?)

  • Check REST files


1. Refine PS acceptance

2. Interface with the CCDB to retrieve lumi numbers for specific energy range (bin) (Sasha)

3. Apply corrections to lumi, account for non-uniformity of bunches

Compton Cross Section Measurement

Reconstruction of Primakoff events