Analysis Shift Meeting Agenda, December 12 - December 18, 2021

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Daily Analysis meeting at 9:15am EST M-W-F (Hall D CH) BlueJeans Link

Thursday, December 16 (Spokespersons' Meeting)

Wednesday, December 15

  1. ρ0pp Channel (Jackson)
  2. ϕ Channel (Bo)
  3. |t| ratio of He/D update(Bhesha)
  4. C/D ratio C/D Ratio (bhesha)
  5. Mass and t plots of Carbon and deuterium Bhesha
  6. Calibration Discussion

Monday, December 13

  1. ϕ Channel Update (Bo)
  2. ρ0pp Channel (Jackson)
  3. Round Up
  4. Straight Track Discussion
  5. Shift schedule update
  6. Shift taking notes
    1. When doing an AMO run, set it as the reference in the goniometer CBREM GUI. It cannot be updated after the run.
    2. Don’t change the coherent edge between PARA and PERP radiators.
    3. When acknowledging alarms, just acknowledge the alarms that went off, not the whole detector tree.
    4. Continue monitoring the BCAL