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[https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Run_Wiki Run Wiki]
[https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Run_Wiki Run Wiki] <br>
[https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/SRC/CT_Run_Plan Run Plan]
[https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/SRC/CT_Run_Plan Run Plan] <br>
[https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/SRC@GlueX#Useful_Links Useful Links]

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Run Wiki
Run Plan
Useful Links

People onsite are welcome to use CC Room 306 throughout the experiment for collaboration and work.
Daily Analysis meeting at 2pm EST (CC room 326): https://bluejeans.com/773909590/1171
HallD Counting House (join here)

Sign Up for Analysis Shifts

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring work shift run spreadsheet is maintained during the 12 hour shift,
  • Completing data quality run-by-run,
    • SRC-CT specific plots to compare with are: here
    • General good plots to compare with are: here or here.
  • Checking data coming in from monitoring (plot browser),
  • Contacting the appropriate team member if there is a concern with a specific monitoring plot,
    • Contact the counting house ( (757)269-5504) )
  • Update daily analysis meeting with production runs,
  • Update list of production runs at the bottom of this page.


Physics Shift

(Will be merged with Analysis Shift) Responsible for Running Physics Plugins

List of good production runs

  • updated until: 90064
  • By radiator:
    • amorphous radiator: 90034-90039, 90045, 90062
    • diamond radiator: 90051, 90059, 90061, 90063-90064

NOTES TO SOLVE (to be edited as they are solved):

  • Igal informed (11/11/2021 05:44) that run 90039 is not in the database accesible by the Python script. But it is in the RCDB. (CA)

List of trigger configurations

  • FCAL_BCAL_PS_SRC_m9.conf/FCAL_BCAL_PS_SRC_m10.conf (raw mode)
    • Bit 1: FCAL (250 MeV) + BCAL (200 MeV) & ST
    • Bit 2: FCAL (4 GeV ) + BCAL (1.3 GeV)
    • Bit 3: PS