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Experimental Details

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Run Plan
Useful Links
SRC@GlueX page
Shift Schedule

People onsite are welcome to use CC Room 306 throughout the experiment for collaboration and work.
Daily Analysis meeting at 2pm EST (CC room 326):
HallD Counting House (join here)

Sign Up for Analysis Shifts

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring work shift run spreadsheet is maintained during the 12 hour shift,
  • Completing data quality run-by-run,
    • SRC-CT specific plots to compare with are: here
    • General good plots to compare with are: here or here.
  • Checking data coming in from monitoring (plot browser),
  • Contacting the appropriate team member if there is a concern with a specific monitoring plot,
    • Contact the counting house ( (757)269-5504) )
  • Update daily analysis meeting with production runs,
  • Update list of production runs at the bottom of this page.


Physics Shift

(Will be merged with Analysis Shift) Responsible for Running Physics Plugins

List of good production runs

  • updated until: 90120
  • He-4: 90034-90039, 90045, 90051, 90059, 90061-90064, 90070-90082, 90084-90088, 90090-90095, 90098-90108, 90114-90120

NOTES TO SOLVE (to be edited as they are solved):

  • Igal informed (11/11/2021 05:44) that run 90039 is not in the database accesible by the Python script. But it is in the RCDB. (CA)

List of trigger configurations

  • FCAL_BCAL_PS_SRC_m9.conf/FCAL_BCAL_PS_SRC_m10.conf (raw mode)
    • Bit 1: FCAL (250 MeV) + BCAL (200 MeV) & ST
    • Bit 2: FCAL (4 GeV ) + BCAL (1.3 GeV)
    • Bit 3: PS