April 21, 2008 Calorimetry

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  • The meeting will be held at 10:30 am ET
  • Phone:
    • +1-800-377-8846 : US
    • +1-888-276-7715 : Canada
    • +1-302-709-8424 : International
    • then enter participant code: 39527048# (remember the "#")

Reference Documents

  1. Previous minutes: April 15, 2008 Calorimetry
  2. Schedule, Tracker and Drawings (gluex pass)
  3. Schedule

Tentative Agenda

  1. FCAL Update
  2. BCAL Update plus continue discussion on topics below
    • Reanalysis of timing resolution from cosmics (Media:talk080415.pdf) - Andrei/Irina
    • SiPM gain non-uniformities and energy resolution [1] (Richard)
    • Monte Carlo progress
  3. Fiber Specifications
    • Do we need more samples?
    • How to specify a) Fiber color/spectrum and b) light output
  4. Review of Action Item Tracker
    • Fabrication plan and QA /visit to Alberta?
    • Costbook changes for currency and commodities price variations?
  5. Calibration system update
  6. Any other business


Online: Elton, Beni, Tim, Richard, Curtis, Zisis, Andrei, George, Christina, George V., Pavlos

  1. FCAL - no report
  2. BCAL
    • Timing resolution; no questions
    • Richard's report. It was agreed that Andrei, Beni and Richard (and anybody else interested) would connect through video conference to discuss this work. Zisis will post the time and date to halld-cal.
    • Zisis gave a report on MC activities in Regina. A talk will be given at the collaboration meeting.
  3. Fiber specs:
    • We need to order more fibers, and now 4-m length ones for more reliable extraction of attenuation length.
    • George and Elton will work together on the fiber specs to include the testing protocol.
  4. Action Tracker/Costbook
    • George and Zisis are going to Alberta on April 28-30 to discuss the MOU and all related details for the construction of the BCAL modules.
    • Costbook: nothing specific, but there are concerns on currency fluctuation and prices of European and Japanese items. The project has contigency for these things.
  5. Calibration:
    • George V. gave a report. Most parts are in and tests should start soon. George V. ran through the plans and hopes to have results in a few weeks. Christine will send all references on the Calibration system to Zisis for posting on the Wiki.
    • Pavlos returned from Russia with a price of $80/mm^2. Their dark rate is 500 MHz fior 3x3mm^2 without cooling. They did not give us any pieces to test. Russians expressed interest to visit Athens.
    • Christina will assemble (Zisis can help) a list of references on the wire-mesh pmts on the wiki so that discussions and decisions about readout can be made.
    • We need a list for all detector systems on what calibrations they need. Elton will email everyone for feedback on their detector calibration requirements. The current proposal simply monitors relative pmt gains.
      • Specific questions to Fcal are whether a radioactive source is needed for absolute light monitoring
      • Specific questions to Bcal are whether timing should be monitored. Zisis suggested that light input to one light guide could be used to monitor response in pmt on other side of Bcal (thereby checking light attenuation through the fibers).
  6. AOB