August 1, 2008 Software

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  1. Review minutes from July 18, 2008 Software meeting
  2. BCAL Reconstruction Status (Blake L.)
  3. Discussion Items:
    • TOF reconstruction
    • Hall-D share on JLab Batch farm
    • gxtwist location and build scheme
  4. Action Items



The meeting will be at 1:00pm in Cebaf Center F326.


To connect by telephone: 1.) dial:

800-377-8846 : US
888-276-7715 : Canada
302-709-8424 : International

2.) enter participant code: 39527048# (remember the "#")

Video Conferencing

We will attempt an EVO connection for this meeting. We have a reasonable expectation that this will work.


Attendees: David L. (chair), Simon T., Beni Z., Elke A., Sascha S., Mark I., Herun Y., Elton S., Jim S., Eugene C.

Phone: Blake L. (Univ. Regina), Alexander O.(FSU), Matt S.(IU)

BCAL Reconstruction Status

Blake gave a brief status report on some of the recent work done on the BCAL reconstruction and simulation. Much of this was started during a recent trip Blake made to IU to work with Matt and Mihajlo. The main changes to the code were:

  • Time smearing of the BCAL hits
  • Low energy threshold recalculated and set

Results of a study comparing resolutions of a BCAL design with the nominal 6x4 and the alternate 3x3 inner region readout segmentation were presented. The 6x4 segmentation corresponds to a readout design using SiPMs and the 3x3 using Planacon PMTs. The studies indicated very little difference in the energy or angular resolutions of the 2 schemes. It was noted, however, that the same low energy threshold (4.8MeV) was used for both cases even though the Planacon design is expected to have a lower threshold. The resolution has a dependence on the low energy threshold.

Discussion items

TOF Reconstruction

Hall-D Batch Farm Priority

gxtwist location in repository

Action items

Next Meeting