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GlueX Software Meeting August 7, 2006

In attendance:

Nikolay K., Raphael H., David L., Simon T., Matt S.,

The meeting agenda is posted on the Wiki at:


1. Calibration Database (Nicolay) see GlueX-doc-672

2. Coding Conventions (All) -- postponed til next week see

3. AOT

Future meeting suggestions (held over from last time): - Smart pointers - BCAL beamtest simulations


Calibration Database

Nikolay reported on the work he has done on the calibration database and documented in GlueX-doc-672.

A lot of dicsussion was had on understanding how the current design works and what features it implements. Nikolay has got a good start on this, but it is clear that we will need to implement it in an actual use situation in order to finalize the details of the design.

Coding Conventions

Postponed until next week.