BCAL Startup Checkout List 2014

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  • Initial readout of pedestals (3 crates)
  • Install remaining CPUs
  • Readout FADC and F1 TDC crates (MPPCs off)


  • Make connections from chiller to manifold ring
  • Get power connections to chiller
  • Check operation of cooling loop

N2 flow

  • Install flow meters symmetrically on upstream and downstream

Slow Controls

  • Read back T and Humidity upstream
  • Read back T and Humidity downstream
  • Read back of RTDs on cooling plates upstream
  • Read back of RTDs on cooling plates downstream
  • Check temperatures and humidity conditions
  • Install interlock of chiller and MPPC power to humidity and temperature signals (long term). For now manual check.

Set Power MPPCs

  • Connection to network
  • Check that data base has correct bias information
  • Turn on bias one by one and make initial checks with scope

LED monitoring

  • Replace distribution boards with correct pin assignments
  • Install MPOD crate
  • Complete cabling to crate
  • Connect MPOD and VME crates to network

Cosmic-ray Trigger Counters

  • Two counters are being borrowed from Qweak: About 30 x 250 cm2
  • One will be mounted below the iron, perpendicular to beam
  • Second will be laid (initially) on the platform above the iron, above the bottom counter. Note that there is room below the platform and above the iron, but would require a mechanism for support and, once installed, difficult to access. Tom says that there are no immediate plans to use the upstream platform and would make it easy to place for initial studies. If work on the platform is needed, then we can find a good way of supporting the counter under the platform and above the iron.
  • A NIM bin has been placed in a rack on the south side of the BCAL and will be used to hold the pmt HV unit as well as any trigger logic.

Computers ?