BLTWG Meeting 01/07/2013

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  • Time: 11:30 EST
  • Place: ESNET and telephone 866-740-1260 (access code 3421244#)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Richard J., James M., Alex B., Curtis M., Tim W., Alex S., Dan S., Barry R., Mike D., Franz K., Ivan T., Eugene C., and Yi Q.


  1. Announcements
  2. Desktop conferencing (EVO alternatives) - Richard
  3. Communication with Yang regarding TOSCA maps - Richard
  4. Working with the existing tagger magnet map - Dan
  5. Study of H10580 high-rate performance - All
  6. Preparations for the PS detector construction - Ivan
  7. Site visit for the UConn construction contract - Alex
  8. Progress toward the CUA construction contract - Franz
  9. Update from Arizona State - Mike
  10. Preparations for the microscope construction - James
  11. Meeting with accelerator about active collimator - Alex