BLTWG Meeting 04/01/2013

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  • Time: 11:30 EST
  • Place: ESNET and Seevogh (Jlab community)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Richard J., Alex B., James M., Brendan P. connecting from UConn, Alex S., Todd S., Tim W. at Jlab, Curtis M. at CMU; Barry R., Mike D. at ASU, and Franz K. at CUA.


  1. Announcements
  2. Report from accelerator liaison - Todd
  3. Status of the CUA construction contract
  4. Status of the microscope construction contract - James
  5. Status of the microscope electronics construction - Alex
  6. Progress with pair spectrometer hodoscope - Sascha
  7. Update on polarimetry - Mike
  8. Discussion of installation issues - James
  9. Draft of tagger magnet mapping plan - Dan
  10. any other business