BLTWG Meeting 04/23/2009

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  • Time: 11:00 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET (with telephone bridge)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Richard J., Jim S., Alex S., Igor S.,Lipeng G., Ashot G, and Tim W.


  1. Preparation for the CHESS run in two weeks - Richard
  2. Preparation for tagger design internal review at JLab - Tim
  3. Meeting on photon beam stabilization scheme - Jim
  4. Review of the machine interface document - Jim
  5. Review of the tagger magnet spec - Jim
  6. Two page beam line summary document - Jim
  7. Agenda for beamline section of collaboration meeting - Richard
  8. Possible projects for new collaborators - Richard

Notes by R. Jones

Preparation for the CHESS run in two weeks

Note from Franz Klein:

I have the goniometer target ladder at home: the 'good 50' looks more darkened than 2 1/2 years ago - for sure an interesting comparison to do! I copied the goniometer and beam info from g13 (and parts of g9). I probably cannot give you a pixel-to-pixel variation of the charge but for a position information of ~100-150 microns.
It would be good to find out when Ken wants us to be at CHESS; the last times he spent a day or so to set up the beamline - it would be good to know whether he is doing that on Friday or the weekend? Talk to you later this week.

Prep for tagger design internal review at JLab

Discussion with PrimeX collaborators

Ashot/Lipeng: Suggesting perhaps tagger end-point work or pair spectrometer? MRI?

The pair spectrometer is currently the piece most conspicuously lacking stewardship. The higher energy resolution requirement will demand precise field maps, likely for both tagger and pair spectrometer magnets. Understanding of stability of these values over time will be important.