BLTWG Meeting 06/01/2010

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  • Time: 11:00 EST
  • Place: ESNET and EVO (with telephone bridge id 1872781)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Richard Jones and Dan Sober.


  1. Feedback on the tagger magnet and vacuum system SOW
  2. Impact of the revised run schedule on our photon beam test run


  1. On April 26 Tim distributed to members of the Photon Beam Working Group a copy of the Statement of Work (SOW). A pdf copy of the SOW is posted here, and also on the tagger magnet design page that is linked from the main Photon Beam wiki page.
  2. The accelerator schedule for summer 2010 has been modified to accommodate delays in the installation of the high-power hydrogen target for Qweak in Hall C. As a consequence, the FROST experiment in Hall B is expected to run for an additional 3 weeks, until the summer shutdown in mid-August. The official schedule has not been updated yet for the period in Hall B after the accelerator starts up again in mid-September, but Dan believes that the Primex experiment will be scheduled to run then. This means that we have a second opportunity in the September-December run period. Besides the plans by the UConn group to test the active collimator and the prototype tagger microscope with photons in parasitic mode in Hall B, the Catholic U. group also plans to test a couple of prototypes of the fixed array counters. They do not yet have a test run plan for this work, but presumably it will be a very simple setup, with only a couple of channels of electronics required. Still, it makes sense to coordinate the two tests so that the data acquisition setup effort and equipment use period can be minimized.