BLTWG Meeting 09/28/2015

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  • Time: 11:30 EDT
  • Connecting: detailed instructions are here
  • Conference id: 536076821
  • Present: Richard J., Geev N., Brendan P., Nathan S., Alex B., Alexandre D., Alex S., Dan S., Michael D., Franz K., Dan S., Bill B., Kei M., Eugene C, Glen Y., Mike McC., Matt S., and Elton S.


  1. Announcements
  2. Photon beam session at October Collaboration Meeting - discussion
  3. Plans for the Fall 2015 run 09/22/15 meeting
  4. GlueX Detector Performance report - updates from everyone
  5. Update on diamonds - Brendan P.
    • status of the contract (deliverables, billing, etc.) - Richard J.
  6. Update on polarimetry - M. Dugger
  7. Update on TAGH time-walk correction - Nathan S.
  8. Update on beamline monitoring - Alexandre D. Draft of analysis note
  9. Update on the pair spectrometer - Sascha S.
  10. Update on the PS/tagger energy calibration and tagger efficiency - Alex B.
  11. Update on feedback stabilization - Alexandre D.
  12. Any other business