BLTWG Meeting 10/14/2013

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  • Time: 11:30 EST
  • Place: ESNET and Seevogh (Jlab community)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Alex B., Richard J., Curtis M., Alex S., Natalie W., Tim W., Franz K., Hovanes E., Nathan S., Ivan T., Fernando B.,Mike D., Dan S.


  1. Announcements
  2. Choice of targets for harp ladder - Tim
  3. Contract for diamond radiators - Richard
  4. Update on fixed tagger hodoscope - Franz
  5. Update on mapping the tagger and PS - Tim, Dan
  6. Update on microscope electronics schedule - Alex B.
  7. Status of the microscope construction - James M.
  8. Update on pair spectrometer detector - Ivan
  9. Update from Accelerator Liaison - Todd
  10. any other business


Discussion of amorphous radiators for target ladder

  • important to start out without radiators
  • Hall B target "fork" has 3 positions plus wires
  • Hovanes will speak with Hall B engineers about obtaining the amorphous targets they used for photon beam running.