Barrel Calorimeter

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An example of how to start DAQ for the stand alone BCAL (four north or south crates) with the external pulser connected to the master TI.

  1. Login to gluon49 under hdops
    ssh hdops@gluon49
  2. Load the environment
    source /gluex/Subsystems/BCAL/setupcoda3
  3. Start DAQ for 4 north or south crates:
    bcal_N4_start or
    note that the command to terminate all DAQ processes is for example
  4. Choose configuration: Configurations-->Coda Config-->bcal_s4 (or bcal_n4)
  5. Settings in the Run Control (you have to set these variables once if you edit coda configuration with jcedit)
    Set User --> Runtime Variables --> Config File to /gluex/Subsystems/BCAL/bcal_pulser_ti/pulse
    Set User --> Runtime Variables --> List --> %(CODA_ROL) to /gluex/release/0.1/src/rol/bcal_base_ti
  6. FADC250 configuration files are located in /gluex/Subsystems/BCAL/bcal_pulser_ti
  7. Data output: /gluex/Subsystems/BCAL/data/south4
    /gluex/Subsystems/BCAL/data/north4 (default)
  8. Due to some glitches in the firmware you have to start run first before enabling external triggers (will be fixed)