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Beam Test Electronic Logbook

GlueX E-Log

Monte Carlo

Simulations on H-B Collimator

Recent results from simulations with a 2.6mm and pencil beam for timing, R.H. [[1]]

Energy Resolution VS The Beam Position

Resolution VS the Beam Position from the simulations with a 2.6mm collimated beam, R.H. [[2]]

Simulation of the BCAL at Hall-B setup

Simulation of the BCAL with a 2.6mm collimated photon beam passing through the Hall-B setup. R.H. [[3]]

Hall-B beamtest Simulations, B.L.

Log book(for up to run 181): [[4]]

Monte Carlo data with 2cm photon beam (*note error in timing for runs 16-181), B.L. [[5]]

"Cosmic" Muons

4 GeV cosmic_muons incident on the front face and top of the module, B.L.


Photon Energy Deposited by segment for a 550 MeV photon, B.L.