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Available at: [https://phys12svn.jlab.org/repos/tags/ccdb_0.09/]
Available at: https://phys12svn.jlab.org/repos/tags/ccdb_0.09/
==Release notes==
==Release notes==

Latest revision as of 13:12, 10 January 2014

Available at: https://phys12svn.jlab.org/repos/tags/ccdb_0.09/

Release notes


1. C++ readout part tracks idling and closes a connection if CCDB is not used for some time. Closed connections automatically reopened if needed.

2. Better error descriptions that give user suggestions on how to do things right

3. -v start flag and var command to set working variation

4. Better unit testing for ccdb commands

5. Web site is moved from CCDB SVN , users are not obliged to download a bunch of web server files

6. Updated documentation

7. Web site renew and fixes

8. Authentication stack reviewed. Only users in the list are allowed to do changes to DB. SQLite doesn't require any authentication.


Is the next version 0.10 or 1.0?

1. Better C++ unit tests, unified unit tests for C++ and python

2. Internal libraries update

2. Full documentation

3. User operations (useradd, users, etc...)

4. Resources?

5. Multithread benchmarks package