CDC commissioning plan

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  1. Monitor current on innermost straws during initial switch-on after photon beam alignment
    • Connect the inner ring of HVBs to one or more Bertan or Vern-Kiebler HV supplies with the current trip limit set to a reasonably high but safe value. If possible, set up a video camera so that the current shown on the power supply can be monitored from the counting house.
  2. Short run with magnetic field on done!
    • Take a small amount of data with the magnetic field at its intended level to verify that the data from the detector still look sensible.
  3. Long run with magnetic field off
    • Collect enough data for 2-5M tracks from the target in its nominal position, with no magnetic field.
    • Collect a similar sample with the target in the alternate position which is needed for the FDC.
  4. If time permits, a second run with magnetic field on
    • Collect several M events with field on, but only if time permits, as the straight tracks are more useful for alignment.