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Detector configurations

Nominal GlueX configuration

  • No Pb shielding
  • DIRC installed
  • Solenoid field at 1350 A
  • Radiator Diamond JD70-105 47 um, Peak at 6 GeV

CPP Test Configuration

  • With and without Pb shielding
  • DIRC removed
  • Solenoid field at 1350 A (no change)
  • Radiator Diamond JD70-105 47 um, Peak at 6 GeV

Data taking (standard GlueX)

  • daq_run: PHYSICS_DIRC
  • daq_setup: hd_all.tsg_DIRC_CC_HL
  • daq_config: FCAL_BCAL_PS_m9.conf
  • Use Random Trigger GUI to set the random trigger rate to 30 kHz.
  • Install desired target/lead sheet configuration
  • Ask MCC to deliver beam at 20 nA.
  • Start run.
    • Take data for 5-10 min of stable beam.
    • Ask MCC to deliver 40 nA. Continue with same run for 5-10 min of stable beam.
    • Ask MCC to deliver 30 nA. Continue with same run for 5-10 min of stable beam.
    • Ask MCC to deliver 10 nA. Continue with same run for 5-10 min of stable beam.
    • End run.
  • Go to next target/lead sheet configuration

Lead sheets

  • Shielding (from log entry 3656916)
    • We have used two sheets of shielding.
    • Each sheet consists of 2 sheets of Pb sandwiched between two layers of Al.
    • The thickness of Pb is 4.5-4.6 mm (0.80-0.84 rad len)
    • The thickness of Al is 2x1.6 mm = 3.2 mm (0.04 rad len)
    • Total radiation lengths is 0.86 +/- 0.02 radiation lenghts per sheet.
  • Sheets are 60cm x 60cm with a 18cm x 18cm beam hole. These sheets are the same as used in CPP Beam Test Feb. 2019 but with an enlarged opening for the beam.

Beam setup

  1. Turn lower section of tagger hodoscope ON.
  2. Restore beam with nominal configuration for JD70-105 diamond with the coherent peak at 8.6 GeV
  3. Check transmission using the PSC rate. It should be > 6.7 kHz.
  4. Move the coherent peak down to 6 GeV. Record the value of the PSC rate. Use this rate to gauge the transmission for the duration of the test.

Rates with Coherent Bremsstrahlung generator

  1. See Log Entry 3838451 for plots.
Coherent bremsstrahlung calculator
Coherent Peak 8.6 GeV 6.0 GeV
Background (0.1-3 GeV) 49.2 MHz 49.2 MHz
Peak (5.4-6.0 GeV) 11.5 MHz
Peak (8.0-8.6 GeV) 3.8 MHz
PS range (6-11.4 GeV) 14.2 MHz 12.8 MHz

Checks during the run

  1. TOF scaler rates
  2. EPICS beam current. If possible check that it is being recorded onto tape. See next section

Beam restoration

  1. Turn lower section of tagger hodoscope back OFF.
  2. Re-establish coherent peak back to 8.6 GeV.

Checking that EPICS events are making it into the raw data files

You can quickly verify that EPICS events are going into the raw data files by looking at the HOSS database. Just click on a run number and look for the count of EPICS events in the far right column of the bottom right table that appears. Note that the DAQ system writes two files simultaneously and only one will contain the EPICS events. This may need to be considered when looking at data offline.

20200829 HOSS epics.png

To check actual values, you can run hd_dump from the hdops account on one of the gluon computers. Give it the options "-DDEPICSvalue -s" as shown below. It may take a little bit to get to the first EPICS event so be patient.

20200829 hd dump EPICSvalue.png

Finally, if you want to change the EPICS variables being written or the frequency in which they are written, edit the file ~hdops/CDAQ/daq/monitoring/epics2et.conf

Test layout

Screenshots of test layout media:CPP_Testconfig.jpg  media:CPP_Testconfig2.jpg
media:CPP_Testconfig3.jpg  media:CPP_Testconfig4.jpg 
media:CPP_Testconfig5.jpg  media:CPP_Testconfig6.jpg

The HDList for this activity can be found at [1] (accessible only internally to JLab)

Test sequence

Possible test schedule by Tim Media:CPP_Tests_Aug2020.pdf

Total estimated time for test including installation, data taking and reinstallation of GlueX is 34 hours.

CPP Preliminary baseline measurements

These will be conducted by Ilya during Sat Aug 29 4am-10am shift. This will be conducted with the nominal GlueX configuration prior to test proper.

  1. CPP test DAQ setup: 2 hrs
  2. Set coherent peak to 6 GeV
  3. Data GlueX configuration - Full Target/DIRC (repeat from Dec 2019): 2 hrs
  4. Empty target : 1 hr
  5. Data GlueX configuration - Empty Target/DIRC : 1 hr
  6. Restore coherent peak to 8.6 GeV

Installation/setup of CPP Test: Day Mon Aug 31

  1. Pass change for Hall A/C.
  2. Hall D in restricted access starting at 6 am
  3. Configure experiment for CPP Test: 12 hr. Mark Stevens and staff.
  4. Training for Pb sheet install/removal to CPP personnel after changing configurations

CPP Test. Mon evening Aug 31 - Tue morning Sep 1

  1. Full Target :
  2. Install 0 Pb sheet: 1 hr
  3. Data CPP Test configuration- Full Target/no DIRC/1Pb : 1 hr
  4. Install 1 Pb sheet: 1 hr
  5. Data CPP Test Configuration - Full Target/no DIRC/ 0Pb : 1 hr
  6. Install 2 Pb sheets: 1 hr
  7. Data CPP Test Configuration - Full Target/no DIRC/2Pb : 1 hr
  8. Empty Target :
  9. Install 0 Pb sheet: 1 hr
  10. Data CPP Test configuration- Empty Target/no DIRC/1Pb : 1 hr
  11. Install 1 Pb sheet: 1 hr
  12. Data CPP Test Configuration - Empty Target/no DIRC/0Pb : 1 hr
  13. Install 2 Pb sheets: 1 hr
  14. Data CPP Test Configuration - Empty Target/no DIRC/2Pb : 1 hr

Restore GlueX configuration and prepare for GEM-TRD Test. Tue day Sep 1

  1. Fill Target
  2. Restore nominal GlueX configuration: 4 hours.

Required personnel

  1. Two persons needed to install/remove Pb Sheets
  2. Mark Dalton has volunteered to come in on Monday evening if a third person is required to monitor the target.
Tentative Shift Schedule
Date Shift Worker CPP
Mon Aug 31 4 pm - 10 pm T. Britton D. Lawrence
Mon Aug 31 10 pm - 4 am S. Furletov I. Larin
Tue Sep 01 4 am - 10 am M. Khachatryan E. Smith

Data taking log entries

  1. Log Entry 3838676 Swing shift summary
  2. Log Entry 3838685 Owl shift summary
  3. Log Entry 3838857 Early riser summary/compilation

DIRC survey

  1. The DIRC will have to be surveyed following the test.