CPP and NPP Readiness Review

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Preparations for the CPP and NPP Readiness Review

Planning for Experiment

Outline Presentations (February 10, 2021)

  • Reviewers:
    • Stepan Stepanyan (chair+muon detector)
    • Alexandre Cansonne (Trigger)
    • Brad Sawatzky (Tracking System -MWPC)
    • Chris Keith (Target)
    • Robin Wines (Installation)
    • Mikhail Kostin (RadCon)
    • Edy Nissen (Beamline)
    • Javier Gomez (Observer)
    • Ed Folts (Observer)

Report and Response


Response 1

Comments to Response 1

Response 2

  1. MWPC Efficiency
  2. Schedule Status

Comments to Response 2

Additions to Standard Equipment

The major modifications required to operate the experiment are the following

  • Design, fabrication and installation of the muon detector
    • Multi-wire proportional chambers
    • Modifications to the downstream platform, support structure and iron absorbers
  • New (mono-isotopic) solid Pb target
  • Charged-particle trigger based on the time-of-flight detectors
  • Move tagger microscope to cover 6 GeV coherent peak

Documentation for Review

  1. PAC Documents
  2. TOF Trigger
  3. Draft Documents
  4. Released Drawings
  5. Installation Schedule
  6. Wiki Pages for further reference