Controls Meeting 16-Jun-2011

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  • Minutes from previous meeting 2-Jun-2011
  • Preliminary P&I diagram for FDC/CDC gas system Tracking Chamber Gas system - Beni
  • Strategy for use of PLC vs IOC vs mixed system - Elliott
    • what criteria push us one way or the other?
    • E.g: gas system, CAN system, FDC cooling, target, magnets, goniometer, HV/LV channels, crate control, etc.
  • Update on Brooks 0254 control IOC and CSS/BOY evaluation - Hovanes
  • Mantis task tracker - now being used for controls tasks
  • AOT


9:30 AM Thurs 16-Jun-2011 CC F326


Next Meeting

Thurs 30-Jun-2011 CC F326


Attendees: Elliott W, Beni Z, Tim W, Josh B, Eugene C.

FDC Gas System

Beni presented a preliminary P&I diagram for the FDC/CDC gas systems. Much discussion ensued.

  • < 15 psig, non-flammable gases allow us to avoid many ASME issues. Engineers need to sign off anything > 15 psig.
  • methane may be used < 5%, non-flammable, pre-mix with another gas the best strategy.
  • may need special vents if there's a way for the methane to collect.
  • may bubble through alcohol - anti-aging, quencher.
  • CDC uses 3 L/min, FDC 1 L/min nominal.
  • will use embedded controls, probably will not need any control loops in PLC.