Controls Meeting 20-Sep-2012

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Note: we will move quickly through the status reports to give Daniel plenty of time

  • Announcements
    • Ed Jastrzembski will give a followup talk about FPGA programming in late Oct
  • Minutes from previous meeting 6-Sep-2012
  • Hardware purchase status - Josh, Hovanes
  • Danfysik board repair - Josh
  • Test Stand - Josh
  • EPICS - Hovanes
  • Counting house installation - Hovanes
  • JInventory improvements - Josh, Hovanes, Elliott
    • Need document that specifies conventions
      • Brand-Format-Model conventions, e.g. for buildings and rooms
      • Housing, power and control hierarchy strategy
      • Use of FormFactor, Function, Telecom, etc.
      • IFP, IFR usage, multiple interfaces on one device
      • Naming schemes
    • purchase barcode labels now?
  • Solenoid test - Mark, Josh, Scot, Elliott
    • Archive/EPICS on computer in EEL 126 instead of curlyjoe?
    • Required documentation includes entries into JInventory database
    • Fasttrack schedule
    • Power supply maintenance OSP, Cooldown OSP, Powered operations OSP, reviews
    • Test plan, procedures, THA, FMEA
    • Vacuum, SOE, quench detector, etc.
  • PLC programming and PXI system - Josh, Dave, Yi
  • FCAL Control System - Dan
  • Mantis task tracker
  • Midas elog

  • Experiment Control Supervisor - Elliott
  • Accelerator Elog - Elliott


9:30AM Thurs 20-Sep-2012 CC L207


Next Meeting

Not sure due to vacation schedule


Present: Elliott W, Josh B, Hovanes E, Dave B, Manuel L, Dan B, Elton S.

We rapidly went over status reports to give Dan plenty of time. See his PPT file for many details. Highlights of status reports:

  • Josh, Hovanes and Elliott will develop a document describing conventions to use in the JInventory system.
  • Still waiting to have Danfysik board repaired.
  • Still waiting for over-rack power in Rack Room, fiber installation, and UPS turn-on.
  • Solenoid test is going into high gear, need to button up and start pump/purge by early Nov.
  • Solenoid review scheduled for early Nov, chair is Joe Preble. He will form the committee, Tim will be consulted.
  • Main outstanding documents needed for review is George's pressure safety analysis and Tim's ODH analysis, all other docs just about ready.