Controls Meeting 21-Apr-2011

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9:30 AM Thurs 21-Mar-2011 CC F326


Next Meeting

9:30 AM Thurs 5-May-2011 CC F326



Elliott W, Beni Z, Graham H, Carl T, Dave L, Josh B, Hovanes E.

Why is Graham Interested

Graham explained that he is the "Technical Representative for Online/Offline Computing" for the Physics Div. to a lab-wide cyber-security steering committee. A recent committee topic involved security related to remote access to experimental hardware (Mont brought this up). Questions include what can be controlled, by whom and from where, and what security measures are needed to enable this. Current thinking involves separate secured networks for controls with two-factor security tokens needed to get into these networks, where one factor involves having a piece of hardware in your possession in order to get in. EPICS gateways will be used to supply read access to controls variables, but write access will be restricted.

Graham said a questionnaire will be sent to the four halls concerning remote access in the next month or so.


  • New Controls wiki page links off main Online (Electronics/Trigger/DAQ/Monitoring/Controls) page.
  • Mail list halld-controls will be used for all communications.
  • See Rachel to get the Controls meeting added to your JLab calendar.
  • See the Online task list for a list of controls tasks.
  • We will use the Mantis Task Tracker to assign and manage controls tasks.
  • We will skip meetings if there is nothing to discuss.

Future Topics

  • Beni needs to tell us about the gas system and what is needed to control it.
  • Chris Keith needs to describe the target control system.
  • Hovanes can tell us about our beamline instrumentation.
  • Bill needs to tell us about the FDC cooling system.
  • Matt can give us more info on the CAN system for the FCAL bases.
  • Vardan can tell us about integration of controls and run control.
  • We need to hear about all the power supplies and how they are controlled.
  • We need info on the hall solenoid cryo system when it gets designed.
  • What role might Labview play in the control system?
  • We need to choose an EPICS archiver, back up and restore facility, and alarm system.
  • Mark can tell us about the conditions database and we can decide what role it will play concerning controls.
  • and many more...