Controls Meeting 22-Sep-2011

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  • Announcements
    • GlueX collaboration meeting 6-8 Oct
    • Target and solenoid control systems needed by Summer 2012
    • /group/halldonline
    • Vardan will talk on "farm manager" at 28-Sep Online meeting
  • Minutes from previous meeting 8-Sep-2011
  • Equipment order status - Mark, Hovanes
  • 435NBX and Structured Text - Elliott
  • Quench detector status - Elliott
  • Test Lab status
    • Danfysik power supply
  • Setting up in EEL 126 - Hovanes
  • Upgrade to solenoid control system - All
  • A-B license server - Josh
  • UPS power in the hall - Elliott
  • Networking in the hall, counting house, trailer, tagger bldg - Elliott
  • Controls test stand, BOY, etc. - Hovanes
  • Role of Labview? - All
  • Nerses Gevorgyan coming - Hovanes
  • PyIRMIS - Elliott, Hovanes
  • Mantis task tracker


Note different room this week

9:30 AM Thurs 22-Sep-2011 CC L102/104


Next Meeting

Note we skip a meeting due to the GlueX collaboration meeting

Thurs 20-Oct 9:30am CC L207


Equipment Orders - near-term

Mark began ordering test equipment, rack parts and other items on FY11 and FY12 budgets. The FY12 budget froze and some of the items will be ordered after 1-Oct or when they unfreeze the budget. Hovanes is in the process of collecting requirements for computer equipment for FY12.

Handling RS232

Elliott described a number of ways to connect the PLC to RS232 devices. Currently we use A-B Point I/O serial modules. Real Time Automation makes the 435NBX, an Ethernet module that has a serial port and can be directly accessed by the PLC with minimal programming. Cost is slightly more than the Point I/O modules, but there are many advantages, and there may be a limit on the number of serial modules allowed on a Point I/O bus. It costs around $500 for a bare Point I/O system.

Elliott suggests we purchase one 435NBX for testing.

Quench Detector

The Danfysik quench detector works reasonably well if there is a good inductance match between the coils being compared. Floyd needs to simulate the final solenoid configuration so we can see if we can get a good balance and cover all sub-coils. If not we will have to build a new QD. We may want to do this anyway.

Test Lab

We are moving out of the Test Lab. The solenoid is being moved to the hall and the controls racks to the new Physics building. We will move the computers to EEL 126 or to offices as needed. It is not clear where the Danfysik power supply will go.

EEL 126

Hovanes continues to set up controls equipment in EEL 126. Some EPICS development has beed done for the HV and LV power supplies.

Solenoid Controls

Subcommittee just getting going on redesign.

UPS power in the hall

About all we could come up with was to power the solenoid controls racks, maybe the target control system, and some networking switches. Mark's criterion for UPS power is the recovery time if power is lost. If it takes a long time to recover, longer than an hour or so, the system should be on the UPS.


The original IRMIS project has been canceled in favor of PyIRMIS. This uses a Python-based interface to basically the same underlying database schema. Release is expected some time this Fall. This is being developed by Don Dohan at BNL, and supposedly will be used for the new light source there.