Controls Meeting 24-Jan-2013

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  • Announcements
    • Interview seminar at 11am
  • Minutes from previous meeting 15-Nov-2012
  • Gas System hardware purchase - Beni, Josh
  • Counting House computer purchase update - Hovanes, Elliott
    • Hall D file server is central component
    • Windows applications - PC vs terminal server
  • UPS power in the hall - Elliott
  • EPICS update - Hovanes
  • Solenoid test status - Josh, Mark, Scot, Elliott
    • MySQL and logging
    • SOE installation, PXI UPS, Danfysik fan on UPS, QD, EWEB
  • Tom's printer/scanner?
  • Experience with new Elog - all
  • Other controls applications
    • Josh leaving in 5 weeks, Dave takes over, who will be backup?
    • Code management for PLC code
    • FCAL, BCAL, FDC cooling, etc.
  • JInventory - Elliott
    • barcode readers and labels, conventions, etc.
  • Mantis task tracker
  • Midas elog

  • Experiment Control Supervisor - Elliott


Note room change!

9:30AM Thurs 24-Jan-2013 CC A110


Next Meeting

9:30am Thurs 7-Feb-2013


Present: Elliott W, Beni Z, Damon, Narciso G, Mark S, Hovanes E, Dave B, Josh B.

Gas System

We spent the entire (short) meeting going over the gas system drawings (see link above), and discussed safety issues, sensor choice, buffer tank size, power, installation, etc. Dave B will do the PLC programming since Josh will be gone by then. Note that all PID loops reside in Brooks controllers, none needed in the PLC.

Plan is for Dave/Josh and Beni/Narciso to agree on channel types and counts, and for Mark S to decide what power supplies and auxiliary equipment is needed. Dave B will come up with a final PLC parts list and place the order.