Controls Meeting 26-Jul-2012

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  • Announcements
    • FPGA programming tutorial by Ben Raydo some time in Aug at Online meeting
    • Beni will talk about the Gas System next meeting
    • Hall D complex A/C power monitoring restarted
    • Followup by Sarin in Aug?
    • Nerses should be arriving early Aug
  • Minutes from previous meeting 12-Jul-2012
  • Gas system - Josh
  • Danfysik refurbishment: who and what? - Mark
  • Hardware purchase status - Josh, Hovanes
  • EPICS - Hovanes, Vanik
    • motion control, alarm system, goniometer, other power supplies, etc.
  • Counting house installation - Hovanes, Mark, Elliott
    • do we need to communicate with both UPS and RDC?
  • Solenoid test - Mark, Josh, Scot, Elliott
    • Fasttrack schedule
    • Maintenance and other OSP's
    • Goals, test plan, procedures, reviews
    • Computers
    • FMEA, SOE, quench detector, overcurrent protection, ground fault detector, etc.
  • PLC programming and PXI system - Josh, Dave, Yi
  • Test stand - Hovanes, Josh
    • SOE test
  • JInventory - Josh, Hovanes, Elliott
  • Elogs and databases - Elliott
  • Mantis task tracker
  • Experiment Control Supervisor - Elliott


NOTE change of room
9:30 AM Thurs 26-Jul-2012 ARC 233


Next Meeting

9:30am Thurs 9-Aug-2012 CC L207


Present: Elliott W, Josh B, Mark S, Scot S, Hovanes E.

Gas System

  • Current designs are a bit more complicated than was expected.
  • Beni will give a presentation at one of the Aug Controls meetings.
  • Josh is talking to Narcisco to coordinate controls choices.
  • Narcisco is working on a P&I diagram.

Danfysik Power Supply

  • Tom just wants to use H-D personnel to work on the supply.
  • Due to his workload Mark will not much more than the minimum necessary to get the supply going for the Solenoid test.
  • We'll revisit generic refurbishment and upgrades after the test.
  • Mark will sort his Danfysik maintenance list into must do, should do, would like to do.
  • Fire piping should go in next week.
  • Supply will be moved shortly afterwards.
  • Until then Mark will do whatever work he can on the unpowered supply (Klixon, SOE chains, ground fault detector, etc).
  • Giles needs to get a signed maintenance OSP in the next few weeks.


  • Josh ordered one Windows quad-core computer. After much discussion we decided he should order two more plus three big monitors for the test.
  • Josh is having procurement return the A-B stuff from Tiger Controls and reorder from EECO (authorized distributor). Seals on some items from Tiger Controls were broken and they were more expensive than EECO.
  • Elliott will identify an old Linux to be used to host the MySql database.


  • Vanik will leave in mid-Aug, he is completing GUI's for various devices that use his driver.
  • Nerses' arrival is delayed due to new DOE and Homeland Security regulations.

Counting House

  • All electrical installation parts are on order, some have arrived.
  • The RDC can not be remotely monitored, we didn't purchase that option (probably not needed).
  • The UPS remote monitoring card is installed but not hooked up to the network.

Solenoid Test

  • Scot is 95% done with originally planned rack wiring, but see below.
  • Interim vacuum system still being designed, no multi-coil vacuum manifold for the test.
  • Vacuum panel will live in additional crates on the Cryo platform.
  • Scot will have to work on racks when vacuum system is understood.
  • Josh will tell Scot about vacuum channels that are currently known.
  • Brent will finish programming network switch this week.
  • Scot will have Sam help him install the switch in the racks and connect it to the network.
  • The Fastrack schedule needs more realistic input concerning mechanical construction from Tom.
  • Preliminary indications are that this may push going cold date back by a month.
  • George should finish the FMEA in the next week or so.
  • Test goals are done, Josh is now starting on the full Test Plan.
  • Test Plan will refer to procedures written by other people.
  • Elliott is working on the Quench Detector redesign.
  • Scot will give the QD to Chris S so that he can have a look at the balance pots.


  • Josh is mostly done with PLC programming.
  • Now working on HMI screens.
  • Dave is busy with FDC problems, Josh may take over the power supply programming effort.
  • Yi will soon begin PXI programming.
  • Scot will get channel assignments from Yi.


  • Elliott is upgrading the overview page to display the housing parent name.
  • Thus we'll need to come up with shorter "short names" (some are real long!).
  • Elliott is also working on displaying the full housing, power and control hierarchies. This involves implementing a "Closure Table" in the database.


  • Elliott will send out the time/date of Theo's presentation on the unified Elog.


  • Please close out completed tasks.