Controls Meeting 27-Apr-2017

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  • Announcements
  • Solenoid status (Tim,Beni,Nick)
    • flow controllers for cooled leads
    • solenoid in the summer
    • small UPS removal
  • BCAL PLC firmware upgrade (Nick)
  Current Revision 20.13 has known error with minor faults we see consistently(Type 03, Code93)
   Version 20.14 is supposed to fix this. Fault is related to task overlap, may have masked the 
   fault we saw while running which was Ethernet port quit communicating with EPICs
  • PLC-s not tripping MPODs when down (Nick)

BCAL-Chiller.MPOD Interlock.jpg

  • EPICS alarms from BCAL (Nick, Hovanes)
  • BCAL chiller naming and labeling (Hovanes,Nick)
  • Newport XPS-Q8 repairs (Hovanes)
  • CompCal Y-stage status (Tim)
  • Other topics


10:00AM Thursday 27-Apr-2017 CC B101