Controls Meeting 27-Jan-2022

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  • Announcements
  • Solenoid status
    • Solenoid PS flow sensor not working
    • Warm up of the solenoid
    • Time syncing
    • New PDU
  • CPP voltage controls
  • Camera for CPP gas system
  • WEDM screens (Tyler)
    BCAL&CCAL chillers
    magnet PS LCW temperatures & flows
    GlueX main GUI.
1)	Tagger magnet NMR readout on the main GlueX EPICS GUI is “hidden” in WEDM even when the NMR probe is locked. It should be hidden and “crossed out” when not locked , and shown when locked. Now it behaves differently from what CSS version does. 
2)	Solenoid magnet current readback on the main GlueX EPICS GUI is from the PXI in WEDM. We decided to change to the one from PLC. The CSS GUI has already been changed to the current readback from PLC. Also,  the color of the digits for the current and the field of the solenoid are white for some reason. 
3)	The green square LED for the Qaudrupole MQPAD00 magnet is darker green than the ones for Tagger, SWEEP, PSPEC and the solenoid. 
4)	In the Goniometer block the orientation of the polarization plane just to the right of the Radiator name is never shown on WEDM. It works in CSS.   
5)	In the Hall D section (the rightmost third) of the Rates in the main EPICS GUI two labels are incorrect in WEDM (seem to be copy-paste errors): 
	a.	“Ion Chamber at the Radiators” needs  to become two separate labels : ”PSC Coincidence” for the top and “PS Coincidence” for the bottom box. The background colors for the corresponding two boxes need to be the same as the scalers since these two are not ion chambers.  
	b.	The label “gamma-Hallo Counters in Collimator Cave” need to become “gamma-Halo counters on upstream platform”.  
6)	SH01 ,SH02 ... labels need to change to 5H01, 5H02 ... in the vacuum section of the main GlueX GUI. 
  • New vertical stage for the test setup
  • Other items


10:00am Thursday 27-Jan-2022