Controls Meeting 6-Feb-2014

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9:30AM Thurs 6-Feb-2014 CC A110


Items from previous meetings

  • Dave is pretty close to defining the UPS requirements for the PLC in Hall D.
  • Dave still needs to get some information about the safe positions of valve in solenoid to define the solenoid UPS requirements.

Scope of the meetings

  • Hovanes announced that the purpose of the slow control meetings is to coordinate the activities related to controls performed by people from multiple Hall D groups.
  • Before working on an assignment from the meeting everyone needs to check with his/her supervisor before starting to work on those tasks.

UPS requirements for Motor and Network switches in Hall D

  • According to Hovanes, the only motorized application in Hall D requiring functionality during power loss is the total absorption counter.
  • Based on the information from Dave Butler on the location of the PLC hardware, Hovanes defined which network switches will need to be on UPS.

interlocks for BCAL and FDC

  • Controls for FCAL interlocks are complete.
  • Dave presented his plans for the BCAL and FDC interlocks and showed the status of the work.
  • A lot of progress in wiring the BCAL wiring the RTDs and Dew Point Sensors (DS DP sensors not installed yet)
  • FDC interlock requirements are defined, and they are very simple: if the FDC chiller is not running removed ENABLE 5V from FDC MPOD crates.
  • BCAL interlock requirements are slightly more complex:
    • RTDs, DP sensors, coolant flow are the inputs.
    • 5V ENABLE for MPODs and relays for BCAL chillers are the outputs.
  • Dave told us that the BCAL chiller do not have the control modules that we thought they would have. There is no relay indicating if the chiller is on or off.
    • May need to install flow meters to measure the coolant flow and use those as analog inputs in the interlocks for BCAL.
  • Dave was not sure if the BCAL chiller would allow to shut them off using some kind of relay, or he may need to cut the power to the chiller, or use the serial line.
  • Dave sees multiple paths to proceed with the interlocks.
    1. One dedicated PLC chassis for interlocks
    2. Individual interlocks for each subsystem (FDC, US BCAL, DS BCAL)
    3. Single hardware system designed for the interlocks.
  • There were many comments regarding pro-s and con-s of each option. One new possibility was to have a simple hardware interlock for FDC, and a single autonomous PLC CompactLogix for BCAL.
  • Dave will continue working on the design of the system.

Action items

  • Get the requirements for solenoid valves from Jonathan and determine the UPS requirements for PLC (Dave).
  • Check if BCAL chillers can be shutoff using a relay. (Dave)