Controls Meeting 8-Mar-2012

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  • Announcements
  • Minutes from previous meeting 23-Feb-2012
  • FCC noise specifications - Elliott, Hovanes
  • JInventory database
  • CDC thermocouples - Elliott
  • Counting house installation - Hovanes, Mark
  • Equipment orders - Mark, Hovanes
  • Solenoid_Controls_Redesign - Mark, Josh, Scot, Yi, Elliott
    • coil tap circuits, PXI, SOE, QD, shunt replacement, ground fault detector, etc.
  • EPICS - Hovanes, Nerses
  • Test stand - Hovanes, Josh
  • Target, goniometer, other new systems - Hovanes, Elliott
  • PLC programming - Josh
  • Elogs and databases - Elliott
  • Experiment Control Supervisor - Elliott
  • Mantis task tracker


9:30 AM Thurs 8-Mar-2012 CC L207


Next Meeting

9:30am 22-Mar-2012 CC L207


Present: Elliott W, Mark S, Josh B.

FCC Noise Specifications

Mark sent Fernando some noise specs for assorted PLC and other equipment. None of it satisfied Fernando's preferred FCC Class B spec. Eugene noted that we will have to measure and mitigate when devices do not meet the Class B spec.

JInventory Database

Elliott presented a test release of the inventory database, a somewhat modified copy of what CLAS has been using for a number of years. CLAS and Hall D are collaborating on making upgrades and improvements. Please give it a try and send comments to Elliott. We hope to deploy a production version next week.

CDC Thermocouples

The CDC will have 10 Type J thermocouples. Currently CMU reads them out with an Omega controller. We think we should use Point I/O thermocouple modules and read them out via the PLC. We would use the Point I/O chassis mounted on the solenoid controls racks. Josh will investigate options and costs and make a recommendation.

Alternatively we could locate a Point I/O chassis near the CDC. An important question is what magnetic field the Point I/O system can handle. Josh will contact Allen-Bradley concerning this.

Counting House

Mark got touchup paint for the racks.

Solenoid Controls Redesign

The subcommittee is meeting every week now. Two days ago we came up with a conceptual design for connecting the PXI device to the coil taps, Mark and Scot will flesh out the design.

Mark learned that all JLab Danfysik power supplies include a "Cebaf board" that presents four internal analog signals for monitoring. One of them is the output of the ZFCT. Thus the high-precision current analog output signal already exists. We will read out all useful signals on the Cebaf card.


It appears that the goniometer will use Ethernet-based control. Josh will order a 490NBX to learn how to use it. It is not clear whether the goniometer will connect to the PLC or directly to EPICS, though.

Electonic Logging

It is not clear whether the JInventory database replaces the Midas-based Maintenance elog or whether they are complementary. Initial thinking is that although they overlap, they do different things, so we should try to use them together.