DAC Calibration

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To change the DAC values:

1. Go to the directory that contains the global configuration files: /gluonfs1/home/hdbcalops/daq_dev_vers/daq/config/hd_bcal_n or /gluonfs1/home/wmcginle/daq_dev_vers/daq/config/hd_bcal_s

2. Open a pulser configuration file (i.e led_upstream.cnf)

3. Change FADC250_COM_VER upstreamLED to FADC250_COM_VER DAC3200

4. Now for the upstream LED pulser configuration the DAC values should all read 3200. This can be checked in the read out list after the download step.

5. Take pedestal run setting all DAC values to 3200 with all BCAL modules voltages on.

6. Then go back into the global configuration file and change FADC250_COM_VER DAC3200 to FADC250_COM_VER DAC3300

7. Take pedestal run setting all DAC values to 3300 with all BCAL modules voltages on.

8. Make root files from your data runs with DAC=3200 and DAC=3300 using the command hd_root -PPLUGINS=DAQ,DAQTree bcal_XXXX -o bcal_XXXX

9. Copy these root files over to the directory /gluex/Subsystems/BCAL/scripts/DAC_Calibration

10. Run root

11. Use the root command .L BCAL_CALIB_Reiterative.C+

12. CalibrateDAC("rocbcalnorth_3200.cnf","bcal_DAC3200","rocbcalnorth_3300.cnf","rocbcalnorth_3300.cnf")

13 This will output configuration files called rocbcalX_newconfigurationfiles.cnf

14. Copy these new configuration files over to /gluex/CALIB/BCAL/fadc250

15. Change their names to anything that you can read in with the global configuration files to make a test run to check the pedestal values ( i.e. rocbcalX_upstreamLED.cnf)

16. Go back to the globcal configuration files at /gluonfs1/home/hdbcalops/daq_dev_vers/daq/config/hd_bcal_n or /gluonfs1/home/wmcginle/daq_dev_vers/daq/config/hd_bcal_s and change FADC250_COM_VER DAC3300 to FADC250_COM_VER upstreamLED

17. Check the pedestal values using the new DAC values and if they are good then change all the other configuration files to have the new DAC values for the crates that you just calibrated.