December 16, 2015 Calibration

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GlueX Calibration Meeting
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
11:00 am, EST
JLab: CEBAF Center, F326

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Calibration Tasks


  1. Announcements
  2. Calibration Tasks
  3. Subdetector Reports
  4. Future Simulations
  5. AOB


Attending: Sean (NU); Curtis, Elton, Simon, Adesh, Mark I., Paul, Alex B., Nathan (JLab); Will M., Naomi (CMU); Mahmoud (FIU)

  1. Announcements
    • 12 GeV electron beam has been delivered to the tagger hall, and a photon beam has been extracted as well. This is a great step forward!
      • Nathan shared a logbook entry of the uncorrected PS energy spectrum. There was some discussion of this - the location of the high-energy cutoff is not understood. The measured beam energy reported by the accelerator was also found to be a little slow.
    • Data was taken to study the TAGH voltage settings. There was not much data, and it is not very useful for other calibrations since the RF signal needed was not hooked into the PSC. This has been fixed, and is being verified today.
    • Mark Ito reported that on Friday, he released sim-recon-1.8.0, which is included in version-1.1.1 of the XML version file.
      • The single track and b1pi tests have been updated with all the latest software. The single track is working fine. The b1pi seems to be working, except the jobs running on the same platform as the farm. This needs to be looked into.
      • Mark also reported a rumor that ifarm62 is disappearing, so we will no longer provide builds for CentOS 6.2. Most users have moved on from this platform.
    • Paul reported that the next monitoring launch will be Friday, and will be the last of the year.
  2. Calibration Tasks
    • Calibration Challenge update: The last planned updates from Alex and Adesh were added to sim-recon on Monday. Currently these changes are being tested after the scheduled farm maintenance on Friday. Sean thanked Alex for his wiki documentation and asked others to work on some similar documentation for their procedures. The calibration process is generally running well, but the final step could use more work. Sean is working on producing a summary report of the calibrations. Some procedures offer some sort of validation output of their calibrations (e.g. a summary plot), but many do not. Those who don't are requested to look into making some validation summary available.
    • Since the last meeting, David L. has added the ability to save and access event tag data. The exact tags that will be available will need to be discussed, but for the calibration side, Sean is working on some studies and suggested that a broader discussion should happen in a meeting in the new year. A simplified set of conditions will be required, compared to the list of calibration channels that is being put together, since full reconstruction isn't available in the online environment.
  3. Subdetector Reports
    • FCAL - Adesh added his gain and pedestal calibration plugins to sim-recon. He will work on some potential improvements to the pedestal calibration code. He is working on the timing offset calibrations. He has also updated the CCDB with gain constants of 1 for the current runs, to reflect the hardware gain balancing that was performed.
    • BCAL - No news.
    • CDC - No news.
    • FDC - No news.
    • TOF - No news.
    • SC - Mahmoud is working on updating the propagation time calibration code, and doing some final tests. He noted that paddle 20, which had some of the highest resolutions, improved by 25 ps with the current propagation time calibrations.
    • TAGH - Nathan added new timewalk corrections to the CCDB and updated the PS/PSC offsets.
    • TAGM - Alex updated timewalks for runs 3180 and 3185. He is checking to see if the new values work for some of the other runs at that time, and is also working on calibrating new runs.
    • Mark commented that a best practice which may not be widely used is that unless you are going back to refine the calibrations for certain runs, once the "best" calibrations for a detector are obtained, they should be set with an open-ended run range (e.g, "3185-"), so that they will be applied to new data until updated calibrations are determined.
    • Naomi reported that some changes she made to the fADC125 emulation code snuck into the main branch from a development branch, and reconstruction of mode 8 data has been broken since early November. Mode 7 data, which includes most of the Spring data being used for calibrations is unaffected. The issues is being tracked on GitHub here. A fix is sitting on David L.'s desk to review, hopefully before the next monitoring launch occurs.
  4. Future Simulations
    • Sean has made changes on a development branch to change the analysis code to use the BCAL "curvature" showers. He is testing these changes before merging into the master branch.
    • Mark is will run some jobs to support checking the effect of these changes in simulation.
    • Sean mentioned that Paul put forth a proposal to consolidate the different job submission/processing systems we are currently running for monitoring, simulation, and calibration jobs. This is being discussed by the interested parties.
  5. AOB