December 3, 2010 Des/Fab Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Friday Dec 3, 2010 at 8:15am At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in room ARC 428


  • ESH&Q minute COO in Hall D
  • Announcements
    • training
  • Lehman Review Dec 7 *
  • Solenoid Test Status *
  • Civil construction Status
  • FDC construction preparations
  • BCAL readout
  • CAD update
  • Space issues (ESB, trailer )
  • Manpower (Eng,Tech,Des)
  • 2011 work

Outstanding Action Items

</strike>* Complete Power OSP for solenoid test (all)</strike>

  • Need list of people needing access to the ESB (Rad area and building owner is FM)
  • Coil 3 in ESB requires property storage request
  • Put in req for 4 techs for solenoid and installation Req issued and approved by Eugene waiting physics division approval


    • In attendance W. Crahen, J. Fochtman, C. Hutton, V. Razmyslovich, J. Lagner, F. Martin, R. Getz, C. Heck, D. Butler, K. Sullivan, W. Sachleben, A. Johnson, Tim Whitlatch

New Action Items