December 6, 2013 Installation

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Meeting Time and Place

Friday, December 6, 2013 at 1:30 PM At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in F326


To connect from the outside, please use ESNET

  1. ) ESNET: 8542553
  2. )To connect by telephone (supported on request only) dial:
  • You can look up toll-free number at
  • US and Canada: (866)740-1260 (toll free)
  • International: (303)248-0285 (toll call)
  • enter access code followed by the # sign: 3421244#

Desktop Sharing

You can view the computer desktop in the meeting room at JLab via the web.

  1. Go to
  2. In the "join a meeting" box enter the Hall D code: 3421244
  3. Fill in the participant registration form.

Up to GlueX/Hall-D Installation Meetings

Action Items From Last Meeting


  1. Announcements
  2. Updates to the Mechanical Installation Schedule ( Dec Rendition of Install Schedule) (Tim)
  3. Electronics Installation Schedule (Fernando) [| Schedule]
    • Readiness of controls
  4. Beam Commissioning Plan Reviews Sequence (Elton)
  5. Installation Updates (Not a construction report)
    • Counting House Infrastructure
    • Trigger and DAQ Installation
    • Slow Control Installation
    • Tagger Magnet Installation
    • BCAL Installation
    • FCAL Installation
    • FDC Installation
    • CDC Installation
    • TOF Installation
    • Start Counter Installation
    • Microscope Installation
    • Tagger Array Installation
    • Pair Spectrometer Installation
  6. A.O.B.



Mechanical installation schedule: Tim updated the schedule to include also solenoid recommissioning. Chilled water and nitrogen purge is available in the hall. Power should be finished in January. Tagger magnet mapping should start any day now. Starting next week people working on the upstream platform will likely need a TLD. Elliott will arrange to have a badge rack created at the counting house.

Elton: next week will attend the Hall A beam commissioning review to understand what is required for Hall D. No reviews will be need for beam in the tagger hall. The reviews are important for getting photon beam in Hall D an instrumenting our own equipment in the tagger area.

Counting House Infrastructure: (Hovanes) nothing new to report

Trigger: (Sasha) nothing new; Chris has purchased optical bundles for the trigger; crates will be installed soon

DAQ: (Elliott) network switches are getting installed as requested. ROC available for compilation. Database to be installed soon. Need to collect specifications for equipment that needs UPS power

Control: (Elliott) Dave Butler continues to work on control system. (Hovanes) Controls will be ready for BCAL when it is ready to be powered.

Tagger Magnet: (Tim) no updates - hope to power the magnet next week.

BCAL: (Elton) can be turned on once the nitrogen purge system is hooked up and available. This is waiting on flow meters and final installation. North racks don't yet have power, but this is ongoing. Waiting on distribution boxes and cables. Aim to have power on the detector around the middle of January.

FCAL: (John) Dark room is complete and front cover is installed. Currently reprogramming all of the bases. Meetings with fire safety personnel are ongoing to get approval to operate in the darkroom. Hope to start powering up PMTs next week. There is a plan for brining the FCAL DAQ online.

FDC: (Lubomir) FDC is in the position where it can be cabled. Low voltage cables are first and are very delicate and afterward signal cables will be connected. LV cables will be connected and tested in the next two weeks. Hope to complete LV cabling before Christmas and signal cables will be installed in January.

CDC: (Beni) HV boards and preamps are being installed. Hopefully one will be able to take cosmic data at some point next week.

TOF: (Tim) all paddles are here, but need frame which will arrive on 12/16. Installation will start in January.

Start Counter: (Eric) nothing to report regarding installation; some delay in production from Eljen but the overall schedule is not affected

Microscope: (Sasha) on schedule consistent with what Tim has shown

Tagger Array: (Sasha) Franz is requesting a no cost extension until the middle of May. Installation may be delayed.

Pair Spectrometer: (Sasha) on schedule