Disk Space for Hall D at JLab

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A catalog of JLab-resident, IT-Division-managed disk space. Order is from more temporary to more permanent.

Scratch Disk: /scratch

general purpose temporary files

  • 1.8 TB
  • user writable
  • available lab-wide
  • files deleted after 30 day of non-access
  • not backed up

Work Disk: /work/halld

quasi-permanent analysis support space

  • 2.6 TB guaranteed, 5.0 TB maximum
  • user writable
  • available only for Hall D users
  • files never deleted by system
  • not backed up

Cache Disk: /cache

staging area for tape-resident files

  • image of tape library files
  • non-user writable (request write from library)
  • general cache available for all farm users
    • no Hall D dedicated space
  • files deleted to make space for more, oldest by access deleted first
  • not backed up, yet backed up by construction

Group Disk: /group/halld

permanent storage for experimental groups

  • 35 GB (up from 30 GB), controlled by quota
  • user-writable
  • available only for Hall D users
  • files never deleted by system
  • backed up
  • snapshot'ed

Home Directories: /home

your stuff

  • individual disk quotas
  • user writable
  • available to individual user
  • files never deleted
  • backed up
  • snapshot'ed