Draft Start Counter Commissioning Plan

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Subject: Start Counter Commissioning Plan
Date: 	 Fri, 8 Aug 2014 21:19:00 +0000
From: 	 Werner Boeglin <boeglinw@fiu.edu>
To: 	 Mark M. Ito <marki@jlab.org>

Hi Mark,

here is a possible plan for commissioning:

After installation
- Are all TDC and ADC channels connected
- MPOD control working

With Cosmic
- ADC and TDC histograms filled and displaid for all 30 channels
- Verify TDC and ADC spectra with data previously taken at FIU

With Beam
- raw ADC , TDC spectra. 
- include tracking information  for time propagation correction
- determine time difference between RF and start counter (corrected)
- optimize time resolution (individual offsets, walk corrections)
- determine start counter solid angle coverage.
- develop standard calibration and monitoring procedures

kind regards