EVO and H.323 Client

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If you wish to connect your Polycom or other similar H.323 device to an EVO meeting do the following:

  • Click on the Configuration tab at the top of the KOALA window
  • Select Video Conferencing/Client Configuration
  • Change the display name to something meaningful (e.g. Regina VideoConf Room)
  • Enter the E.164 number and gateway given to you when you registered your Polycom with Esnet (or the IP address of your machine). For our setup in Regina I found that the E.164 number worked well, the IP caused hang ups. The format is 123456@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where the 123456 is your E.164 number and all the 'x' represent the gateway you were given.
  • I left the 'Connect through local KOALA' box checked and everything else to its default values.