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  • EVO usage:
    • Get an account at EVO home page by Register
    • Configure EVO: you do this in EVO home page Start. This will start "Koala" the main GUI where. If you are using windows (my condolences) you have to make sure that java is configured with "save temporary files". You do that using the control panel. In the Koala GUI you first chose your community by selecting in the "search menu" "Search Communities". A window pops up that shows a list separated by directories of all available communities like in "High Energy Phycis" the community "GlueX". After selecting the communities you want to be part of you can also setup some preferred initial configurations how your account should behave when entering a meeting. This you can do in the "Koala Menu" selecting "Preferences". Under "Local AV Client" you can select what tools to use, usually "EVO tools" and also the default behavior when entering a meeting like having your mic mute (always a good idea!) by disable all "Auto" startups.
    • Book a meeting: Now that you are all set you can book a meeing by choosing "Bookings" in the menu bar at the top of the Koala GUI. You can start an "Ad Hoc Meeting" which will automatically generate a meeting in the community you choose and put you into this meeting. If you select "Book a meeting" you can book a meeting at any time in the future. Make sure that you always choose the correct community for the meeting. In our case this is GlueX.
    • Enter a meeting: The second row from the top of the Koala GUI list all the communities you are registered to. For example "Universe" and "GlueX". Selecting "Universe" will give you a list of meetings set up in this community. One of these meegins is "EVO TV" that allows you to check if the configuration of your hardware is working. By clicking on the meeting bar you enter the meeting and all current participants of this meeting will be displayed as well as the current settings of your communication hardware in a black horizontal status bar just below the meeting display.
    • Usage of H.323: If you have a polycom system with camera as hardware you just call your polycom device using the "telephone symbol" and type in the IP address of your polycom which is usually displayed somewhere on the TV-set if configured right. This should do it and now you can go into any meeting using your polycom system.
    • Bridge to ESNET: If you are in a EVO meeting you can establish a bridge to ESNET by selecting "Telephone Menu" at the top of the Koala GUI. There you select "H.323" usually the default and in the box you type in the ESNET address in the form #######@gk1.es.net where ####### is the ESNET number Once the bridge is established an additional icon will appear in the meeting display of the participants.
  • Howtos:
    • Koala Gui crashes at start up (Windows machine): Make sure that Java is configured right. Click on "Start" and select "Control Pannel". Choose "Switch to clasic viewer" and select the "Java" icon. In "General" select "temporary internet files" and choose "Settings" there you check the box "keep temporary files on local computer". That should do the trick.
    • No video displayed (linux, mac): Quit EVO, delete all java scripts related to EVO like the full "./koalarc" directory, restart EVO download all plugins and reconfigure EVO as indicated above.