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Wednesday, September 22

Beginning at 10:30 am (JLab time). Students will give 5 minute presentations followed by a couple minutes for questions

  • Student Flash Talks (chair: Rebecca)
    • Search for Lambda Anti-Lambda Oscillations (Kevin Saldana - IU)
    • Study of omega meson (Saheli Rakshit - FSU)
    • Study of charged particle timing in the BCAL from simulations (Alec Mason - UConn)
    • Calibration and monitoring of the tagger microscope (Daniel Prather - UConn)
    • Analysis of K0Σ+ Distributions (Alicia Remington - FSU)
    • Google Colaboratory for Partial Wave Analysis (Balin Armstron - W&M)
    • Omega-pi studies with omega radiative decay (Kevin Scheuer - W&M)
    • A study of meson resonances decaying into K+ K- pi0, with emphasis on the PWA of K* K final states (Alan Gardner - ASU)
    • A search for cascade states and cross section for the $Xi(1530)$ (Brandon Sumner - ASU)
    • Utilizing Machine Learning to Analyze Particle Data (Albert Fabrizi - UMass)