Gain Adjustments

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Gains for each PMT/base combination to be used for the beamtest have been tested. Our method was to place two triggers on top of each other, and count the coincidence rate of cosmic rays as we vary the HV on the trigger we want to test. The other trigger was kept at 1700 V. Below are plots for the gain adjustments. There are 10 trigger scintillators, and 1 remote trigger.

The gains were fit with a "turnon function", the same we use for the PMT tests, and the central value of the turnon curve (V_{{0}}) was obtained. The nominal HV values for each PMT/base combination is V_{{0}}+100 [V]. V_{{0}}

  • Triggers:
alt ID:0x72360e
alt ID:0x72c932
alt ID:0x733d10
alt ID:0x738516
alt ID:0x72579b
alt ID:0x72dacc
alt ID:0x738545
alt ID:0x72bb3f
alt ID:0x732c79
alt ID:0x733e06

  • Remote Trigger:
alt remote trigger