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* June 15, 2021: [[HDGeant4 Meeting, June 15, 2021#Minutes|Minutes of the June 15th HDGeant4 Meeting]] are available.
* June 9, 2021: [https://mailman.jlab.org/pipermail/halld-offline/2021-June/008562.html new version sets with bug fix to halld_recon]
* August 25, 2021: [https://mailman.jlab.org/pipermail/halld-offline/2021-August/008620.html New required packages: python3-devel and boost-python36-devel]
* June 2, 2021: New: [[HOWTO Install and Use the CVMFS Client]]
* August 24, 2021: [[HDGeant4 Meeting, August 24, 2021#Minutes|Minutes of the august 24th HDGeant4 Meeting]] are available.
* June 1, 2021: [[HDGeant4 Meeting, June 1, 2021#Minutes|Minutes of the June 1st HDGeant4 Meeting]] are available.
* August 23, 2021: [https://mailman.jlab.org/pipermail/halld-offline/2021-August/008616.html New version set (4.45.0) with new versions of Diracxx (2.0.0) and HDGeant4 (2.28.0)]
* May 25, 2021: New: [[HOWTO use hdgeant4 as a beam Monte Carlo generator]]
* August 21, 2021: [[GlueX_Software_Meeting,_August_17,_2021#Minutes|Minutes of the August 17th Software Meeting]] are available.
* August 19, 2021: [https://mailman.jlab.org/pipermail/halld-offline/2021-August/008613.html /work/halld is back, /work/halld3 did not move]
* [[Offline Software News Archive|Previous news items...]]
* [[Offline Software News Archive|Previous news items...]]

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General Information

Build Scripts: A Version Management System for GlueX describes a standard directory structure for GlueX software, how to create complete or partial builds, and how to specify versions of individual packages, both for building and for use. It is also available as GlueX Note 2793.

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Packages used in the GlueX software stack with links to package-specific documentation.

GlueX Software

Documentation for software packages specific to GlueX or to JLab.

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  1. Material on Splitoffs

Documentation for External Software Packages

Documentation on additional software packages used by GlueX. Development and maintenance of these are not directly related to GlueX.

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