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==[[GlueX_Physics_Review_Papers | Review Papers]]==
==[[GlueX_Physics_Review_Papers | Review Papers]]==
==[[GlueX_Physics_Quark_Model | Mesons in the Quark Model]]==
==[[GlueX_Physics_Exotc_Quantum_Number_Mesons | Exotic Quantum Number Mesons]]==
==[[GlueX_Physics_Exotc_Quantum_Number_Mesons | Exotic Quantum Number Mesons]]==

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GlueX Physics

Review Papers

Mesons in the Quark Model

Exotic Quantum Number Mesons

  • Experimental Measurements
    • Observation of a JPC=1-+ exotic resonance in diffractive dissociation of 190 GeV/c pi- into pi- pi- pi+, The COMPASS Collabration, arXiv:0910.5842, (2009), arXiv.
    • Search for the photo-excitation of exotic mesons in the π+ π+ π- system, M. Nozar, et al. (CLAS Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 (2009), 102002, PRL.
    • Partial wave analysis of the π-π-π+ and π-π0π0 systems and the search for a JPC=1-+ meson, A.R. Dzierba, et al., Phys. Rev. D73, (2006), 072001, PRD.
    • Exotic Meson Decays to ω πoπ-, M. Lu et al. (E852 Collaboration), Phys. Rev.94, (2005), 032002, PRL.
    • Study of the Reaction π-p → η' π0 n at the VES Spectrometer, Y. Guoz (VES Collaboration), AIP Conf. Proc. 717 (2004) 145-149.
    • Exotic Meson Production in the f1(1285) π<sup-</sup> System observed in the Reaction π-p → η π+ π- π- p at 18 GeV/c, J. Kuhn (E852 Collaboration), Phys. Lett. B595, (2004), 109-117, Science Direct.
    • ρ π states in the anti-proton neutron annihilation into π- 3π0, F. Meyer-Wildhagen et al. (Crystal Barrel Collaboration), Nucl. Phys. A721 (2003), 605-608, Science Direct.
    • Exotic and qq̅ resonances in the ππ-π- system produced in π- p collisions at 18 GeV/c, S.U. Chung, et al. (E852 Collaboration), Phys. Rev. D65, (2002),1-16,PRD.
    • Observation of Exotic Meson Production in the Reaction π-p→ η' π- p at 18 GeV/c , E.I. Ivanov (E852 Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett.86 (2001), 3977.
    • Study of reaction π-A → π+ π- π- A at VES setup, I. Kachaev (VES Collaboration), (2001), arXiv.
    • The JPC=1−+ hunting season at VES, V. Dorofeev (VES Collaboration), (2001), arXiv.
    • Evidence for a ηπ-wave with odd angular momentum in antiproton-proton-annhilations at rest into π0π0η, A. Abele et al. (Crystal Barrel Collaboration), Phys. Lett. B446 (1999), 349, Science Direct.
    • Observation of a New JPC)=1-+ Exotic State in the Reaction π-p→π+π-π-p at 18 GeV/c, G.S. Adams (E852 Collaboration), Phys. Rev. Lett. 26 (1998), 5760.
    • Exotic ηπ State in antiproton-deuterium Annihilation at Rest into ηπ-π0 pspectator, A. Abele et al. (Crystal Barrel Collaboration), Phys. Lett. B423 (1998), 175.
    • Study of resonance production in diffractive reaction π- A → π+ π- π- A, D.V. Amelin (VES Collaboration), Phys. Lett. B356, (1995), 595, Science Direct.
    • Study of π- N → η π- N and π- N → η' π- N reactions at 37-GeV/c, G.M. Beladidze (VES Collaboration), Phys. Lett. B313, (1993), 276-282.
  • Model Calculations and Interpretations
    • Study of the eta pi and eta-prime pi spectra and interpretation of possible exotic JPC=1-+ mesons, A.P. Szczepaniak, M. Swat, A.R. Dzierba and S. Teige, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91 (2003), 092002, PRL.

Lattice QCD Calculations


Strong Decay Models