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==[[GlueX Physics]]==
==[[GlueX_Physics_Review_Papers | Review Papers]]==
==[[GlueX_Physics_Review_Papers | Review Papers]]==

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GlueX Physics

Review Papers

  • Recent Review Papers on Hadron Spectroscopy
    • Baryon Spectroscopy, Eberhard Klempt and Jean Marc Richard, (2009) arXiv.
    • The Experimental Status of Glueballs, Volker Crede and Curtis A Meyer, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 63 (2009)74-116 arXiv
    • Glueballs, hybrids, multiquarks Experimental facts versus QCD inspired concepts, Eberhard Klempt and Alexander Zaitsev, Phys. Rep. 454 (2007)1–202, arXiv

Exotic Quantum Number Mesons

Lattice QCD Calculations