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GlueX Project Summaries and Documentation

Gluex detector 3d.jpg

During 2008, the Gluex Detector underwent a series of detailed reviews as part of the Lehman review process. From those reviews, a description of the detector was written that describes both the physics case and the anticipated detector performance: GlueX Project Description A pdf version of the figure is available.

In late 2008, the beamline and tagger for HallD were reviewed. As part of that process, a detailed description of these elements was prepared. That description can be found here: Beamline Documentation


In July 2006, there was a detailed presentation on GlueX to PAC30. The material that was prepared for the PAC is available here: GlueX PAC 30 Documentation
In July 2010, an update was presented to PAC30, it is available here: GlueX PAC 36 Documentation
In June of 2012, a proposal for additional running in GlueX with a focus on the strangonium states was submitted to PAC 39. GlueX PAC 39 Documentation. This proposal would implement a kaon-identification system as well as a software trigger to enable running at higher intensities. This has been conditionally approved, with full approval waiting on the final design of the kaon-identification system. In 2013, the collaboration has submitted a proposal to PAC40 focusing on the physics that can be done only with the enhanced rate capability made possible by the software trigger. GlueX PAC 40 Documentation.

Gluex thumb.jpg In fall of 2011, the GlueX collaboration working with Jefferson Lab put together a Hall-D poster. A thumbnail of the poster is shown to the write, while the 7MByte jpg file suitable for hi-resolution printing at 18" by 24" can be obtained from the GlueX document archive: Hires Poster.