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Conference and Workshop Talks

Talks in 2021

  • 2021 April APS Meeting, Virtual, April 17-20, 2021
    • Study of the Reaction γ p → η η p, presented by Jason Barlow
    • Study of the Reaction γ p → ω η p, presented by Edmundo Barriga
    • Dalitz plot analysis for the η' → η π π decay at GlueX, presented by Olga Cortes
    • Cross Sections for Exclusive $\omega$ Photoproduction in the Energy Range 3-11.6 GeV, presented by Mark Dalton
    • Background study and preliminary amplitude analysis results for γ p → η' π0 p at GlueX, presented by Rupesh Dotel
    • Measurement of the t-dependence for the Beam Asymmetry of Photoproduced η Mesons at GlueX, presented by Tolga Erbora
    • Status of the PrimEx eta Radiative Decay Width Experiment in Hall D at Jefferson Lab, presented by Tyler Hague
    • Analysis of the Photoproduction Reaction $\gamma p \to K^+K^- \pi^+ \pi^-p'$ at GlueX, presented by Andrew Hurley
    • Photoproduction of hadrons with the GlueX experiment, presented by Mariana Khachatryan
    • A study of the $\vec{\gamma} p\to p\eta \pi^{+} \pi^{-}$ reaction in GlueX, presented by Alison LaDuke
    • Study of Radiative Hyperon Decays in the Reaction $\gamma p\rightarrow K^{+}\Lambda\gamma$ at GlueX, presented by Kevin Luckas
    • Beam Asymmetry in $\gamma$ p $\rightarrow$ $\eta$ $\Delta^+$ at GlueX, presented by Varun Neelamana
    • Study of $a_0(980)$ and $a_2(1320)$ in $\gamma p \rightarrow \eta \pi^0 p$ at GlueX, presented by Lawrence Ng
    • Beam Asymmetry t-dependence for photoproduced $\eta'$ at GlueX, presented by Churamani Paudel
    • Amplitude Analysis of the $\omega \pi^-$ System at GlueX, presented by Amy Schertz
    • Compton Scattering Cross Section Measurement in Hall D at Jefferson Lab, presented by Andrew Smith
    • JLab Eta Factory experiment in Hall D, presented by Alexander Somov
    • Search for excited $\Xi^{*}$ states and preliminary cross section for $\Xi^-(1530)$, presented by Brandon Sumner
    • The Decay of the $b_{1}$(1235)-Neutral Meson Through the $\omega \pi^{0}$ Channel at GlueX , presented by Karthik Suresh

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