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  • Help students and new collaborators get started with the technical steps necessary for a physics analysis
  • All tutorials should be explained on the basis on a fictitious analysis of the channel γp→ωp

Location and Time

The workshop will take place at:

DATES: May 13, 2018



It is not necessary to have gone through the previous workshop talks, but you will probably benefit if you do.

Workshop Software

The official software and all scripts used during the tutorial can be found on the JLab CUE:



Please add your name to the list of attendees below. No formal registration or registration fee is required.

Name Home Institution Level Participate at JLab
Alex Austregesilo CMU PostDoc Yes
Justin Stevens W&M Faculty Yes
Churamani Paudel FIU Grad Student Yes
Thomas Britton JLAB PostDoc Yes
Tolga Erbora FIU Grad Student Yes
Joerg Reinhold FIU Faculty Yes
Joseph Maerovitz FIU Grad Student No
Christopher Solano FIU Undergrad Student No
Colin Gleason IU PostDoc Yes
Wenliang (Bill) Li W&M PostDoc Yes
Hao Li CMU Grad Student Yes
Greg Kalicy CUA Faculty Yes
Nilanga Wickramaarachchi ODU Grad Student No
Georgios Vasileiadis UoA Grad Student No
Abdennacer Hamdi GSI Grad Student No
Shankar Adhikari ODU PostDoc Yes
Amy Schertz W&M Grad Student Yes
Volker Crede FSU Faculty Yes

Remote Participation

  1. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]
  2. More information on connecting to bluejeans is available.

Monday May 13, 2019

Software Tutorial and Workshop

  • 13:00 Introduction & Data Processing (80) --- Chair:
    • 13:00 Session 0a (30) --- IFarm and GlueX Environment --- Mark Ito
    • 13:30 Session 0b (30) --- ReactionFilter and Analysis Submit Form --- Alex Austregesilo
    • 14:00 Session 0c (30) --- Analysis Trees and DSelector --- Beni Zihlmann
    • 14:30 Session 0d (30) --- Simplified Analysis Example --- Matt Shepherd
  • 15:00 Break (30)
  • 15:30 Simulation & Acceptance (60) --- Chair:
    • 15:30 Session 0e (30) --- Batch Submission at JLab --- Alex Austregesilo
    • 16:00 Session 0f (30) --- MCWrapper and Monte Carlo production --- Thomas Britton
    • 16:30 Session 0g (30) --- Efficiency Correction and Flux Normalization --- Justin Stevens
    • 17:00 Session 0h (30) --- Example Fit with AmpTools --- Colin Gleason
  • 17:30 Q&A
  • 18:00 Adjourn